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Quick question on the axles and speedo in front wheel, 99 750SS

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Alright, just a quick question (or two, or three :p). After finally getting both the wheels off and inventing new curse words, I noticed the speedo attachment on the front wheel looks like crap! I have a terrible picture here, as my phone is bad at being a camera:

Wondering what to clean it out with?

Also, the axles I am assuming are dry axles. What should I clean those with? If they are not dry axles, what should I lube them with?

I bought some Moly lube for the chain tensioners, as described in the desmo times book. I used to use simple green to clean everything on my old bike, as that was highly recommended, so I picked some of that stuff up. Also have Dupont Teflon multi-use for chain-lubing.

Also, anything else I should look at while the front and back wheels are off?

Thanks guys!
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I clean parts with solvent or kerosene and an old toothbrush. It's a good idea to lightly lube the axle with any kind of lightweight oil to prevent surface rust. I've heard Simple Green is bad for aluminum.
The workshop manual says grease the speedo drive and the axle and thread with "multipurpose, medium fibre, lithium grease" The Shell product it lists is Shell Alvania R3.

Simple Green - I have not used any of their products but apparently there is now a product specifically for automotive which meets a Boeing material spec.

Quoting their web site "Extreme Simple Green Motorsports is ideal for use on aluminum, chrome, titanium and other high tech alloys, painted and gel-coated surfaces, anodized and electroplated parts, carbon fiber, a variety of metals, plastics, rubber and much more."

I am going to track some down to give it a go.

Whilst the front wheel is out, you may wish to carefully pick out the bearing seals, so they can be reused, wash out the bearings and repack with high temp bearing grease to prolong their life.

Big day for agreeing with people!

The lube on the axle shaft will be rust protection and I guess to help it slide through during installation.

The lube on the thread may well act as an isolator between the dissimilar metals of the axle and the forks.

Simple Green - peoples' experiences would be informative.
I should get the Workshop manual. Desmotimes is good, but it seems to be lacking in some areas.

Edit: the thing I am confused about is where exactly the wheel bearing/seal is in the front wheel.
The workshop manual is kicking around on the web. I don't remember where I found mine unfortunately.

Seals - looks like ours do not use seals as per attachment. If they were fitted they would be directly over the outer bearing side.



I should get the Workshop manual.
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Is this manual in Greek?
Sent PM again, maybe I stuffed up!

Good old English, with maybe an Italian twist in places.

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1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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