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Quick question on DTC

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2014 Monster 1200S, full Termi exhaust and tune, -1 front sprocket and a set of Dunlop Q3+ tires...

I have noticed that when really going wide open, when I shift from 2nd to 3rd, I notice that the power dips for a second and then comes on, usually as I am letting out the clutch. This is when on an entrance ramp to the freeway or something, so I am 100% throttle and shifting fast as I can, having a little fun. If I am just riding it quickly, no problem. It's when I am really wailing on it, trying to get max acceleration as I jam through the gears...

It's happening so fast that in the bright sunlight I don't notice any warning lights or "T/C" flashing or anything... Just a very pronounced temporary dip in power and then it comes on strong.

My assumption is that in Sport with with DCT set to 2(default), the bike with the -1 front sprocket going from 2nd to third and dumping the clutch like that, might trigger the DTC?

I guess I can test it by disabling it and seeing if it still does it. I see nothing else wonky about the bike and how it rides... I just know that it is a wheelie monster in second and that if it's gonna break the rear end loose for a split second, it is probably when I am WOT and near the rev limiter and grabbing 3rd gear...

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

If that is a DTC thing, I can see myself just disabling DTC in sport for track days or really wanting max fun, and then set touring for DTC 2 or something for that added safety net when I want to go fast but could "use the help", and then leave Urban alone for rain mode...

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Suggest you try moving DTC one notch at a time from default, test ride, and see how it goes. Same for ABS. There are a lot of possible permutations / different settings you can customize.
I concur with the above suggestion.
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