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Ducati23 said:
Is there anything special required when installing the DP ECU into a ST3?

When I connect the DP ECU and turn the key on, the dash comes alive, but a fast clicking sound is heard (fuel pump?). The bike will not even attempt to start - no starter action.

When re-connecting the stock ECU, the bike fires right up.

I must be missing something basic here.
Is the DP ECU brand new, or did you get it off another bike? If it's brand new, you should be able to plug it in and the bike will start. If it came off another bike and the RED key was used to start that bike, the DP ECU is tied to the immobilizer on the original bike!

By the way, a 'virgin' ECU can be moved between bikes, but as soon a the RED key is used to start a bike, the ECU gets imprinted with the unique immobilizer code. It can never be used on another bike after that.

Edit: Doh! It's late and I'm tired and I didn't notice you already know all this. Just ignore me! :sleep:
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