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I have ?’s regarding the adjustment of the throttle cabling of my 96 900SS. There are two cables going to the throttle grip and each cable has adjustment screws. How do they function and why are there two? Is one meant to open and is one meant to close the carburetors?

The reason for the question is that I took the carburetors off to clean them and when I reinstalled them I changed the cable adjusting screws and now to get the carburetors to idle at the correct rpm it takes a couple of quick twists of the throttle grip to get the carburetors to settle down to the proper rpm’s.

I am sure that I need to adjust the throttle cable adjusting screws. BTW. Of the two cables, what cable should I be adjusting? The forward or aft cable?

a few hours later, I figured it out..never mind
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