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OK, so I am looking for both pics and feedback from anyone that has 1st hand experience with this exhaust. I have done several searches and not come up with much other than a poor quality youtube trackside video. How does it sound? How is the fit?

Aesthetics are pretty important on this, and I don't care for the side mount options as it covers up the single swingarm... the 2-1-2 systems seem like a waste of $ when compared to just coring the stock cans, so that leaves the Ex-Box as the only viable option compared to stock.

So when I see just this viewpoint, it looks fabulous and assuming power is not hurt and sound is not tinny or raspy it is a no brainer:

Here is a similar view, not on hyper but still looks sexy as hell.

Then I found these images... not good at all to me. I can't tell if the bike is too ghetto with the gold, or the angles or the Ex-Box just throws off the balance of the Hyper.

Either way, more images and feedback are appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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