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Rear Brake lever repair

Greetings. My 696 got pushed over at work and messed up the brake like you described. It's really kind of a bitch to work with with the whole foot peg and brake mounting piece still attached to the bike. I did it that way but wouldn't do it again. Basically, getting the lever off is a piece of cake. Just remove the pivot bolt and the lever and pushrod, along with the return spring sorta jump off. Now, look really closely at the pivot bolt. You may notice it moving in a sort of eccentric manner while you are removing it. It is soft and bends REALLY easily, at least mine did. You'll need to straighten or replace it. Also you need to check the threads in the side plate where the pivot bolt threads in. Mine were trashed. (more on that later) Anyway, after un-bending the foot lever and pivot bolt I had to hold the lever and spring in there proper orientation while trying to thread in the pivot bolt. Not at all easy. You sorta have to clip the spring onto the side plate while it's in position on the lever then "wind" it into position. It's a fairly strong spring so this isn't easy. While holding that in place use your third hand to insert and start the pivot bolt. It probably will take a couple of attempts.
I don't know for sure, but I think this would be a lot easier with the side plate on a bench. I'm gonna have to take mine all apart again to fix the afore mentioned threads. I really don't like the factory arrangement so I think I might do some machining and replace the current pivot with a bolt that goes through the side plate and has a locknut on the outside. Otherwise you could take the side plate to a machine shop and have an insert installed to fix the factory threads. (or spend $250 on a new side plate) You might want to check the brake light switch while everything is apart. The tiny little plunger was bent on mine and stuck in the body. So the brake light was stuck on. I was able to bend it back fixing that problem.
Long rant I know, but I hope it helps. It's not rocket science but it is a bit of a puzzle holding all of the pieces in place while inserting the pivot bolt.
Good Luck!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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