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purchase decision~

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Just test rode the 1100 evo and it was a lot of fun :D More fun than my 848 sbk. Only complain was the wind instability on the highway and the low rev limit.

I'm currently in the market for a 1100 evo or the new speed triple. I can get the new S3 for little cheaper and with accessories incentive Triumph is currently offering. Local dealer don't have demo S3 so this is making my decision little harder. Anyone rode both new bikes and can share their opinions? I also ride quite a bit with my fiance and she was pretty comfortable on the monster seat. Not sure if it's the same with S3.

Some of my factors:

Ducati Monster 1100 Evo
-Elegantly sexy
-the brand
-Ducati safety package
-superb handling

Triumph Speed Triple
-masculine look
-more torque, more power
-higher rev limit
-better negotiation room for price

Some thoughts are appreciated~
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I've ridden both, and went with the EVO. Don't get me wrong, the Triumph absolutely rips. It's got a great engine, but everything else felt sub par to me. I ended up going with what felt most natural to me. Which bike I figeted around on less. Also, I rode the 848sf also. Again, great Fricking motor, up 30hp over the EVO, but to me the front end didn't feel as planted and you had to ride it way higher in the Rpm range. Almost like a Japanese 750.

The Monster does not have the straightaway power as the others, but its so Fricking lite in the turns. Lighter than all 600's. mine is 402lbs with a full tank on a freight scale.
Also, there is a great article online between the 2 you are looking at. I believe they chose the Monster, even though the Triumph was better in several of the test.


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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