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Hello All :)

I had a fuel leak issue from the fuel flange wiring and I have tried to solve the problem in an other way than using fuel stable glue to seal.




I did try to investigate the type of feedthrough that is used on our SportClassics.

I think that the feedthroughs are made by PAVE Technology Co.

And I after looking into what type of feedthrough that is used based on the dimensions and the type of fluid it is sealing against I did find two feedthroughs that can be used.

1. PAVE Technology - 2711 - SP8L-E-150-4-TE18-150CM-150CM

2. PAVE Technology - 1645 - SP8L-E-150-4-TE22-12-12



I did contact PAVE Technology to ask if one of these two feedthroughs was in stock. Unfortunally niether of the two feedthroughs was in stock and I had to find a new way to fix the leak.

I did notice that the PAVE Technology documents do say that
..............and I have actually had the feedthrough removed from the fuel base.

When I did change the OEM fuel base for a CORSE DYNAMICS Quick Release Fuel Pump Base.

I did also notice that the PAVE Technology document for the PAVE Technology - 2711 - feedthrough is showing the dimension of the O-ring to use/replase.

So before I did buy a new feedthrough or a new OEM fuel base I did purchace two new 012 VITON75 O-rings (O-Ring 9,25 x 1,78 mm BS012 Viton 75 +/- 5 Shore A ).

The Orings did cost me € 1,50 (USD 1.62).

I did change the O-rings back in January and I have not noticed and leak from the tank since and my garage does not smell of gasoline anymore.

I would really like if Motowheels did make a CORSE DYNAMICS Quick Release Fuel Pump Base Pakage that would include a PAVE Technology - 2711 - feedthrough. I know that the removing the OEM feedthrough to the new base is a tough job.

Since I had to remove the feedthrough to change the O-rings I did also change the wire protection to some Techflex Insultherm - 3/8" - Black (FGN0.38BK).


Thank you for reading.


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