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I traded my much-loved GT-1000 for hyperducky's Hyper S last year and (last I heard from Debbie), we're both happy with the trade. I've made two comfort-related changes to the Hyper: I replaced the stock bars with lower Pro Tapers and had Bitch'n Stitch'n lower, gel and re-upholster the stock seat. Stock, the Hyper is more upright than the GT and I wanted a slight, forward lean for higher speeds. The 3 seats offered by DP work for some but the two I owned did not work for me.

As for underseat heat, it's not an issue on the Hyper. I noticed it a bit after long runs with the stock underseat exhaust but it was nothing like some Sport Classics. Seems to me that the SC heat issue was the heat sink located under the seat. On the Hyper, the heat sink is in the air flow, above the oil cooler.

Take a test ride. For me, the Hyper is perfect but it's not for everyone.


1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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