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I had an old SS frame lying around with various other parts, forks, wheels, swingarm, brakes and damper.
last week i came across a cheap old engine, it is a 750ccm pantha engine from the 750 F1.
i am courently re-building that with new bearings and paint ect.....
i know it fits in the frame so no problem there.
My idear is to cut the rear of the frame and make it old school like the old 900SS this should allow me to mount a mono seat from a sport classic and i was thinking of getting the old style Imola aluminium tank from Kaemna to go on there as well, problem is i dont know if it will fit or i will need some serious frame work.
Can anyone assist with info on this, I dont want to spend the money to find out it will newer fit.

Thanks in advance.
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