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An update!

So it's been a year, and I'm sorry to report, I've done F-all!

I did actually source a whole lotta 916 tail parts, to make the tail-fairing more 916-like in it's attachment and functionality. (i.e. Flip up) But that required the welder to do his thing so has gone nowhere.

Regardless, money has been the major challenge, and as I've started a new business, building affordable, energy-efficient, environmentally-sustainable homes, using a locally developed and manufactured variation on the top German building systems, all my spare coin has gone into that. Oh, and getting married. (So I'm in debt up to my eyeballs) Luckily, the wife is bike bike friendly, but my 750SS Racebike was a casualty and had to be sacrificed to fund the wedding. Even more luckily, I still have a M696 that is getting converted into something a bit more race-ready. (see pics)

The rough 900SSie (aka "The Shittersport") is making slow progress, and as for the subject of this thread "The Special"? It's still at my Welder's shop... waiting for him to source steel, weld stuff or whatthefuckever. As talented as he is, we've had words and I'm getting to the point were he needs to piss or get off the pot.

I'll post an update next week. Hope you all have a great 2019! I'm gonna make some money this year so I'm certainly planning to! And to get things finished. FINALLY.


321 - 322 of 322 Posts