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What a croc! If you have to "wiggle" the connector to make it work I would not trust the unit at all. Sure wiggle to work, also wiggle to not work, mid turn at 90 mph and engine dies while your tipped over? no thanks!!!!

Return the device on the grounds that it is faulty and can have serious safety implications and ask for a refund. Then go to the Hall of Wisdom and download my article on how to make a sidestand bypass switch. If you are the least bit handy with a soldering iron you will be able to make your own side stand switch for next to nothing in about 4 hours.

The switch that I have designed and provided instructions for operates parallel to the normal sidestand switch and hence, if the stand is up and the bypass switch fails, the bike will not die (provided it is not your soldered joints that fail - which would be very unlikely).

If your interested give it a go. I have had mine installed on my M750 and 996 for some time now and have not had any problems.

Kind Regards,

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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