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problem of Zircotec Ceramic Exhaust Coating

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#Ducati sold two types of motorbikes - #DiavelDiesel and #DiavelCarbonand both of then were originally equipped with exhaust with ceramic coating #Zircotec.

I attach photos of the exhaust from my motorcycle. The entire exhaust is covered with a Zircotec ceramic coating. I've found out the discoloration the exhaust after about 18 months from purchase and DUCATI refused my complaint. What do you think about it?

Quote from Zircotec:
“Our patented smooth black ceramic coating provides a highly durable and attractive finish that forms part of the bike’s overall styling, whist also offering thermal protection to reduce heat soak, avoid damage to components close to the exhaust, and potentially improve performance and reliability.”
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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