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Private Trackdays

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Someone had to make the move .. here's the scoop:

We will organize anywhere from 4 and up track days at the new track in Reno this year. The word is Reno still has open weekend days for taking. THE NUMBER OF DAYS WE WILL BOOK WILL DEPEND ON THE NUMBER OF DEDICATED PEOPLE WE CAN COUNT ON. Definition of dedicated: will put out some money upfront which they will (probably) loose if they don't make it to the track.

Martin (motowheels) was generous enough to offer to sponsor these events if there is enough interest and other people step up and help with organizing and getting other riders to show up. UNLIKE other organized track days we are not looking to make any $$ off of you. Therefore, getting more people to come will not only ensure that we continue doing this, but it will also drop the cost for you and your friends. Here's the math:

Track day ~ $4,000/day (20 riders and under)
20 riders ~ $200/person
40 riders ~ $150/person (It will require more corner guards and ambulance trucks to pay for, so the day is more expensive.)

$150 for a private open track day is a great deal. For anyone that never did a private day - it is the most fun you will ever have on your bike - even if you crash, you'll be among friends to help you get home, get you beers to drink while we finish the day, maybe some good drugs and certainly make fun of you after we stop feeling bad and know that you are okay.

Getting 20 DEDICATED people (on and off this board) will get the ball rolling. I need a "show" of hands. Post your questions, comments, remarks. Let us know how many days you can sign up for up-front. We need to act fast before all the good days are booked. We'll give you one week to ponder and reply, then we are making reservations.

Riders that step up now will not only have priority, but will also be the ones to share any left over $$ after all the dues are paid and drop the cost for themselves even further.
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