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Private Track day at Reno-Fernley

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Any of you SoCal friends interested in coming up to the new Reno-Fernley 4 mile road course for a private track day? The Ducati Owners Group of Sacramento is putting it on and sponsored by MOTOWHEELS. Great prices on Michelins and even a set of BSTs can be mounted on your bike for the day. The beauty of this track day is the fact its on a SATURDAY in fun Reno, Nevada.

This is your official invite, I want you guys to experience the fun of a kick back, no classes, no time limits, etc track day.

I built a website dedicated to this event, so log onto www.ducati-owners-group.com for further information. Bring your friends and share with us a very special event. This is our first private track day with two scheduled per year. Limited riders means unlimited time to practice without the chaos of organized events.

Hope to see you guys/gals up there
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Would love to go and experience that 4-mile racetrack - on a private track day to boot ... but it's 600 mi from my home... at least for now, that's traveling time I can't afford. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to go one day.

Thanks for posting it John.
ya wow look at that hair pin! I'm with you migz, maybe when i got $400 to burn!
which one? :D

picture on this site are from last year .. all the guys on it are on ducati.ms .. 30 riders total for the day.
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