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hi there,

need some advice badlY!.. i have plans to purchase a 916 from a private seller thus need some advice.

over here in singapore, ducatis are pretty rare, and the value of the machine is hard to estimate. hope you could give me some advice.

the bike that i'm looking at is a 97' 916bip but registered only in 2001. its totally stock expect for carbon fibre rear hugger, chain guard and clutch cover. mileage is 32k KM. last valve adjustment and belt change was done during june 2004 at 25k KM. (that particular servcing was quite an extensive one, which include belt, valve adjustment, clutch plates, etc). I would need to touch up on the paintwork though as there are slight scratches around the bike. Selling price is SGD$11.8k.

i shall quote another 3 recent sales of ducatis, thus i hope by comparing them, you guys could offer me some advice.

1) 996S sold at SGD$18k (98 or 99 model, 2000 registered)
with carbon fibre bits here and there, STM clutch slave, arrow titianium full exhaust. ohlins damper, rear shock and marchisini wheels ( i think the rear shock and wheels come as standard for S models?) bike repsrayed with new paintwork. mileage was 27k KM and belt and valve adjustment was done less than 2k KM.

2) 996bip sold at SGD$17k (2001 registered)
with carbon fibre bits here and there, arrow exhaust (not sure half or full system though), ohlins damper and rear shock. paintwork was ok. need no major touch up. mileage 18k KM.

3) 916strada sold at SGD$8K (1994 registered, 94 model)
stock..with some carbon fibre bits and ohlin rear shock. mileage 80k KM.

the fact that the 2001 registered 916 is in fact, still a 97 model, make me hard to estimate the value. am real worried that i might be over paying for the bike.

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Measuring the value for anything that is not traded frequently is a very tough call every time. When it comes to 'scarce' bikes, the condition and add-ons complicate things even more.

But in either case: It always boils down to a matter of timing and demand "FOR THE MOMENT."

If there are 3 of you that want the bike now or soon, then that will tend to elevate the price very sharply... which can be radically different from the price traded 6 months ago, or 6 months from now.

The most important thing when it comes to this (besides the 'usual' checks on the bikes condition) ... is your buying competition. How many others are interested in the bike? How much do THEY want it? If you have NO COMPETITION, then you have time to play 'hard to get' with the seller.

The next you should find out is really how much the seller wants to get rid of his bike. If he is a rich person that only wants to get rid of it for a little bit of convenience, then he can "afford" to wait for ANOTHER BUYER to come around and give him an offer. In this case, the ball is in HIS court.

On the other hand, if he needs the money, then he will give you a lot of room, because he knows that it may take a while before another buyer comes along. In this case the ball is in YOUR court.

The best situation is when the seller is desperate and that you have no buying competition - these are the times when you can get a very good deal.

In your case, the price will be determined by only YOU and your research. Unless there is someone here very knowledgable about the market in Singapore, I think you are in the wrong place to get an accurate "value" on that bike here. You are the one in the best position to do that -- ask around from the "bike people" over there...

Hope that helps.
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