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consider this;

the PT SS has been out of production for 5 years.
the early, non-bevel, SS series has been out of production for 15.
when they met their demise they were "old school".

yet, if you look at any other modern MC forum and take out all the member's cats threads, joke threads, ATGATT threads, oil threads and "let's meet and go for a ride" threads you'll find that these bikes are being enjoyed and discussed just as much today as they ever were.

pretty cool, huh?:)[/QUO

Well said and very true.
Took my 93 ss to cars and coffee irvine last week parked next to another carby ss soon enough people walk up start talking about what classics they are.
Now bear in mind the company at this place ,Veyron, lambo's Ferrari,Lotus ,Porsche.You get the idea
pretty cool huh?

I love new things when they get old.

93 900ss
83 Suzuki katana 1000
74 porsche carrera
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