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Pressure plate question

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Do I have to keep/use the DP red pressure plate that came on my bike as part of the DP slipper clutch?

I would like a different color plate (maybe rizoma) but if I have to keep it because it's designed as part of the slipper, that's ok too.

The springs seem recessed compared to my last dry clutch duc.

I posted this in sbk as well as monster because there may be more peeps in sbk that are familiar with slipper clutch parts...

here's a shot of the bike, just picked her up last weekend...

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The difference is that the inside of a slipper clutch pressure plate doesn't have the teeth that mesh with with the hub.

You do have a couple of alternatives:
1) try to call up yoyodine or one of them that make DP style slipper and see if they sell a pressure plate in a different color.
2) take your pressure plate to a shop that does anodizing: they might be able to sand blast it and reanodize it a different color.

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If you have a few buddies who own 6 spring slippers you can try and get a part # off the pressure plate and change that way. I believe any 6 spring PP will work fine. The problem is once you get the plate anodized it will remove the screened "Ducati Performance" lettering if that matters, also anodizing is very pricey. I would imagine your looking at $100-120 to do the plate. The great thing about DP stuff is everything is marked with a part #. Meaning if you buy a slipper, the hub, PP, basket, etc are all available seperately. I think DP only offers slipper PPs in that unusual bronze/gold and red color.
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Cool, thanks guys. I appreciate it!

I'll leave the red dp slipper pressure plate, it doesn't bother me that much and not enough to change the color. No worries, now to pic an appropriate cover! :abduct:
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