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Presenting my Stable

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Hi all,

Just joined this forum, although I've been reading various posts for over a year now. Glad to be here!

Last year in August I purchased MTS 1200 Touring and put 21000 miles since. I love to ride! Have literally criss-crossed the States on it. I can't say enough about the Multistrada. Incredible bike...

THEN. My girlfriend got accepted into the MBA program here at U of I and she worked so hard for almost a year that I decided to get her a present, her favorite bike: 2000 Ducati Monster 750 Dark. Found one for $2,200. Can't beat that...

BUT THEN! I got this absurd desire to have a Monster as well for shorter trips and, well, essentially showing off (had to face that sad truth as well:) so after some research I've bought a 2007 S4RS and am currently waiting on delivery from West Coast.

What can I say... it's insane and beautiful!

So I have quite a few questions that I'm sure other Ducati owners here will be able to help me with.

Ride safe!