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prepaid maintenance, dealer service intervals and warrentee

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So I bought my PS LE the other week after refusing to go the dealer when they started rolling in. I generally stop in a few times a week to chew the fat and spent some money. I finally broke, the guys in the shop all knew I'd not been stopping in because of the DUKE. Oh, well. So I'm new to Ducati bikes, I've had suzuki's, triumphs, and a 2 stroke MachIII, so maintenance for me is not too much of a problem but most of my bikes were fairly new and didn't need alot of work.

So, this prepaid maintenance was offered and I have not accepted as of yet, I know them fairly well and I'm sure they'll let me pick it up if I do so within a week or so. This engine is supposed to be among the most tried and true duke engines and pretty trouble free; but I understand now, if I forego having the dealer tend to the bike, it shall void my warrentee.

Is this prepaid maintenance worth it? 1500 and change for up to the 12000 mile valve adjustment.

Services intervals what and when?

How difficult is this engine to work on and should I forego this ave. and have the dealer do it?

I'm pretty mechanically inclined and don't cut corners, I don't mind taking an extra weekend to do something and do it right the first time as the second time generally costs more $ and on a bike you might not get that second chance.

You comments and suggestions are valued and appreciated greatly, thanks for your input.
Cheers Kenn
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I must be in the wrong forum

Are my questions that daft or doesn't anyone know or have an opinion? Quess I'll go back to :sleep:
I am curious if you have for the sake of argument called them up as a blind cold call and asked how much they charge for a 6000 and a 12,000 mile service....tell them you have a 2005 Multistrada or Monster with the 1000DS motor in it (the same motor that the PS has!)....see what they quote you and do the math...if they ask...tell them you have transplanted to that area and are looking for a nearby dealer to service your bike and see what they say!....then do your calculations and see what ya think from there!.......I would also look at the fine print of the service contract to see what it excludes!....extra charges are a pain in the arse and any dealer will do it to you...because a service department looks at the money it makes as seperate from any service contract that the sales department has made their money on!
I'm in Hagerstown MD, suprised to see another MDer here. Well, i would call them and ask but everyone there knows me quite well. I don't think these folks would rake me across the coals as I've riden with them several times and do come into the shop on a frequent basis, but I still am very uncomfortable with anyone working on anything of mine. Worse yet the thought of having a problem and no backing from ducati does make my blood run cold. I figure as much as I'll be riding the bike over two years, it's just not worth the beans. I have three other bikes and ride them all.

I'm really trying to grasp a better understanding of the overall mechanicals of this cycle (two valvers for that matter) as this is my first desmo. I'm kind of worried I quess for all of those times I said, "well if you can afford a Ducati then dont bitch about the repair bills". OOOuch!!!, I feel that one coming back to bite me in the ass!
well...though I am not near Hagerstown...there are quite a few Duc riders both south of you in NOVA and east of you in and around Montgomery and Frederick counties of Maryland...as well as other areas too...but maybe for comparative research then...call up Winchester Motorsports and Battley and maybe a few other dealers and see if you can get a comparo for stats reasoning...and then maybe throw a wet rag over the reciever of the phone and call up your boys and ask as I suggested and get answers till you find that they have recognized you....or if you want..PM me the dealer's phone number and I'll look into calling them and finding out for ya!....the problem with service contracts like that is that they are cut and dried as to what they cover as far as a tech and a service writer are concerned but not so when it comes to a salesman pitching it....you may very well be a good regular customer...but a tech and a service writer still have to make money somehow and somewhere....the contract just means you are already going to have to come back to them no matter what...and in that case...it is a matter of how much say you have because this level of service is already paid for...if you want that...it's extra...and that is extra too...it is a gamble...and if you should not be happy with them at all on how they treat that one bike...you are stuck with either double paying to take it elsewhere or in having to be their bitch!....as far as 2 valvers...they aren't all that hateful or bad....it just depends on how patient you are and careful and technically able you are.
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I was at a Ducati open house a few weeks ago and they were selling a similar package. Since the bike is under warranty for the time period what you're getting is 3 oil changes, 3 inspections, 2 belts and 2 valve adjustments/inspections for $1500. Sounds about right if the dealer knows what they are doing. The package they quoted me was good at any Duc dealership.
If you know them well enough, you could look at that price as including 'training'. Watch them do the heads and learn the process. It's not rocket science, only desmo-science, and if you're comfortable doing your own work, then this is just a hands-off walk through that'll help you decide going forward. The valves will need adjusting beyond that 1500 bux... get tuition now. Just my 0.02c
ducman123 said:
I was at a Ducati open house a few weeks ago and they were selling a similar package. Since the bike is under warranty for the time period what you're getting is 3 oil changes, 3 inspections, 2 belts and 2 valve adjustments/inspections for $1500. Sounds about right if the dealer knows what they are doing. The package they quoted me was good at any Duc dealership.

I was offered this package as well, but also told to think about how many miles I would be putting on the bike and how fast because the service contract is only good for two years. If you dont ride your new S.C. alot then the contract could end up being a waste of money. Anyway just something to think about.
Thanks for your help

I talked the the guy running the service dept the other day and he very uncomfortably told me that he felt the "package" was BS, especially because of the two year limit. I'm going to let them do the first oil change and check the cables for the speed twisty, torques, chain etc. I'll worry anout the rest later. The guy told me he would make sure to keep it all under a buck fifty, while with any other bike I would laugh about that, I said ok.

It's my understanding that these "duke tools" for valve adjustment and so forth are very closely guarded, specifically by Ducati. the shop manager told me that if a new tool is sent them the old ones must be returned. Only one of each type of tool allowed I asked, "yes". Sounds like a very good way of keeping others out of your business huh?
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