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since i have taken a break from riding till all my gear arives i've been fiddling with the suspension to see what things are like. i bought my bike used, turns out the old owner liked things soft, i thought the bike was stock set up it definately wasn't. as always i'm on a 748.

i returned rebound and dampering to the standard "clicks" and "turns" the bike rides very very very different.

i kept checking the rear tire becasue it feelt like it was going flat, but it lays over in turns easier, i lost some confidence and came home after checking tire pressure. also the bike feels like the tail rides a little low now, i don't like that. 1) anyone work with ride height on a biposto?

if i didn't always run my mouth i would have been short and to the point and just ask what you guys run for your suspension preloads. 2) so what do you folks run your preloads at?

(my calculations may be incorrect, but i don't think so)
my front is 33mm
and rear 39.2mm

3) for the fork preload is there a point of reference to work with just as there is with the damper and rebound "clockwise till it stops click"

4)then when adjusting the rear preload what tool(s) do you use to unlock those nuts other than the tool made for it. a small socket with and extension peice and a hammer?
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certainly some of you fellahs know your bike well enough to say things like

i'm 160lbs, and prefer my fork rebound at 9 clicks and a my compression a 10. in the rear i decided a 270 degree counter clockwise turn as apposed to the standard 360, on both the rebound and compression

or I ride at 145lb and i find this works well, or at 200lbs this setting sucks.

or i did this with my ride heigh and likes (or didn't like) it.

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I basically run the setup that Ducati recommends for the track, but with abit more front compression and a bit lighter rear rebound.

Here is what Ducati recommends as starting points for your suspension

And chassies setup (like rear rideheight)

Your front seems a bit loose, but your rear seems fine (we are talking sag here). Wht I´ve done to get better turn in is to raise the rear by 25mm on the rear ride-height adjuster

But the best thing for you to do is start with Ducati´s recommendations for "stock" setup and go from there.

Stock for the 748 is

ROAD (TRACK) Without Rider - With Rider
Suspension SAG.
Front 30 mm (25 mm) - 45/50 mm (35 mm)
Rebound: middle
Compression: middle

Rear 10 mm (5 mm) - 40 mm (30 mm)
Rebound: middle
compression: middle

Rebound and compression dampeners should be in the "middle" of there adjustment ratio´s to start with. If the number of clicks between maximum and minimum is 20 clicks, start with 10 clicks.

The easiest way to dial your suspension in is to try one thing at a time and always write everything down. never adjust your rebound or compression by more then 2-3 clicks unless your going back to stock settings on everything else.
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