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Pre-load spring adjustment.

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Bit of a rookie question here but I was wondering if there's a special tool required to adjust the rear spring on my 97' SP. I was able to loosen the first ring but the second ring is horrendously difficult to spin. Is there a special tool or trick? Thanks for the help.

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Yes, A shock spanner wrench is what you need. They are about 8 bucks. If it's really rusted on you may need to take the shock off and hit it with some WD40. If you need one I can help you out-Ken
I have heard that "some people" have also used a screw driver and hammer on their shiny shocks! Not me of course!! :)

Thanks Ken, very generous of you. but I'm in Canada.. I'll source one out: thanks for the tip.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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