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Potential new guy at christmas! With questions...

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Hello everyone!

A dream will probably be realized for me at christmas, unfortunately exploiting the prevailing crisis in Greece. These 10k euros 1098s's on the classifields in my coyntry are so tempting and one of them will win me.

The machine will be for mild use at the beginning, enjoying rides with friends etc. I have a '06 kawasaki Z750 for everyday use (already 75000km in 6 years), totally reliable and been through a lot of personal modifications ;)! I have no difficulty riding one, other bikes and bike types are out of the question for sure.

So i read some small problems here and there for the '07-'08 versions, stalling, belts etc. What is to concern me in general? Most likely i will make the purchase from a known service shop with whom I spoke, and has an eye for some decent 10's.

Any info appreciated!
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Usually spending money on them fixes everything that can go wrong...:)

Used is used and nothing wrong with that...
Just have a TRUSTED dealer , and all will be OK....
There is lots of info here and loads of people to help guide you along the way..
Search the related forums and don't be scared to post some pics and ask questions.
Lots of friendlies here and if you search and can't find what you want to know they can steer you in the right direction...
And Don't forget the sponsers when you need to purchase something sometimes they offer discounts along with advice...
Enjoy the site and welcome
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