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I am in North GA USA.
The famed Tail of the dragon is a day ride away. A long day, but OK. back home that night.

This is where I am going today. My local Dragon. Plenty of turns, lots of elevation changes. barely any side roads or anything... just park all around. Plus some great overlooks.
Back and forth, back and forth. This is my training area.

An hour away from my house, Hope this works.


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The roads getting there suck but it’s THE best riding within 800 miles or so.

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Chapa de Mota - Villa del Carbón:

The best road nearby. Only an hour and a half from home.
The road is so good (no traffic, good pavement, plenty of corners) that every year one stage of "La Carrera Panamericana" (vintage rally) takes place there:


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Well, well, well. Looks who's woken up from hibernation. Don't suppose they let you work from home, now? ;)
They handed out little pieces of U-235 to each employee to take home and make power with. Pretty neat trick. Don’t know why we haven’t been doing this for years.

This past year was a bit on the busy side for me. Among the chaos, I managed to ride to COTA for gp as well as a great trip to Nova Scotia. Other than that, not a lot of seat time. Looking to get out and play a little more this year, but no motorcycle trips in the next year or two.
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