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I'm considering picking up a salvage title bike (my scrambler was stolen and I'm spoiled but on a budget). It's salvaged from being written off due to theft, not from being wrecked and totaled. Some people are warning me that there could be issues even if it wasn't dropped that could manifest later down the road. One thing I was warned about are electrical issues, from hotwiring, re-ignitioning, or otherwise tearing up the ignition. This advice came from a Harley mechanic though. I was under the impression that for a ducati to be hotwired, it would need a new ECU installed as they are equipped with immobilizers. The bike comes with the key, which makes me curious about how it was stolen.. I guess the owner could have left the key in it during a pit stop and someone took it for a joy ride?

Or is it possible that it was lifted and refitted with a new ECU and ignition? Would I be able to tell if this is the case from looking at the bike? If the ecu was replaced I'd kind of also expect the seat to show signs of being pried off or lock picked, otherwise how would they get into it without the original key?

The other concern would be I guess engine damage? One biker told me how their bike was stolen and recovered, and the engine blew a few months later. Not sure on the specific bike though. I remember talking to a tech at Ducati that said their engines are pretty resilient (I was concerned about damage done to my engine after running 10 miles or so on low oil), he ensured me I was fine. According to the vin registry, this particular bike was stolen a month before the dealer won it in the auction, so it wasn't in unknown hands for too long.. With rev limiters on these bikes, what could they do to cause damage?

Am I missing anything else? If it doesn't look like it was dropped, starts up without issues and rides well around the block, what is my risk level?

Thanks for any insight!
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