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Porblems With The Immobilizer Anyone?

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Has anyone had any problems with the Immobilizer? This is always in the back of my mind... just wondering if it is going to disable my bike miles away from home.
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I have not heard of any discussed here or on the ST Yahoo site.
no problems here. And have never heard of any problems out side of the "red key" questions!
I've heard of a couple of ST4s riders who THOUGHT they had an immobilizer issue but it turned out to be either a faulty relay or a bad battery. The immobilizer has proven to be very robust.
Thanks guys for your input, i feel better now :)
Just for added assurance, I carry the bypass code and the instructions with me all the time, just in case I get caught on the road disabled.
NO, none here. But I worry about my side-stand switch.......
st2sam said:
NO, none here. But I worry about my side-stand switch.......
I have had problems with the side stand bypass switch located on the handle bar behind the clutch coming unplugged. You must then put the bike into neutral before starting, even if the sidestand is up. No problem unless you did not stop in first gear, then you have to hunt for neutral.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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