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Poping, Spitting, Farting Termi

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Heya folks,

Just picked up my new MTS 1200 S Touring yesterday with the full Termi installed on delivery by the dealer. Absolutley love the bike, but I have a question - or more a concern. I was warned about the popping and cackle on decel and was expecting it having owned many Harley's with straight pipes, but this does seem a bit excessive and unpredictable. It's even backfired through the airbox a few times which gave me cause for alarm. This suggests a fueling issue to me which seems odd seeing as it comes with the race ECU and was supposed to have been tuned by the dealership.

Anyone else experience this sort of issue with the full Termi? Should this even out over the next few days as I put on more miles? Any recomedations to try and smooth this out?

Tempted to take it back to the dealership and see if they can fix it or at least take out the backfire from the airbox.

Thanks for the input!
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Take it back. It's running lean and may also have air leaks in the exhaust fittings.
Not so sure about that but it's a possibility. Although backfiring into the airbox is not normal. Safe bet is to have your dealer check it out. Mine does it but so have virtually all other Ducs I've owned...to one degree or another. Just as an fyi, I just put my db killer back in and it doesn't do it as much and isn't as loud when it does.
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