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my 999 used to occasionally stall when idling especially when coming to a stop. I just bumped the idle up a bit with the fast idle adjustment on the left bar and for the most part it fixed it. I figuired id need to get the tps zeroed, and was going to have it done after doing my valve ajustment.

When I had it apart to do my valve adjustment I noticed the dealer that removed the charcoal canister just folded the vacuum line over and crimped it and it looked like it could possably leak. So i put a screw in the end of the line. I also replaced the single electrode plugs with ngk dual electrode plugs.

the bike now idles like a champ, no misses, no stalls, just idles nice and smooth. I would believe it was more likely a small vacuum leak caused by the charcoal canister being poorly removed.

Just thought id share in case someone else might be able to fix their bike so easily
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