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I know how these always turn out, but i have an oil question. I recently purchased a 1999 748 Biposto. The previous owner gave me a quart of Agip and said to use this type of oil-seemed pretty adamant about it, seeing as how he purchased a couple decals and put them on the fairing and below the view hole.

I plan to change the oil here soon and was wondering what you all think of Agip.

I really cant find much information on it. The Liter of oil i have is Agip 10W-60. I would like to put what its always had back in it. The PRICE really isn't that big of a deal to me. I mean, I don't have a ton of money but i view it as a way of protecting my investment. I would LOVE to put the best oil i possibly could in it, and i would like evidence to back it all up...but finding proof backed opinions are tough.

Agip doesn't seem to have much out there. Amsoil has a lot of juicy words in their descriptions, Mobil 1 (which i use in my cars) isn't particularly specified anywhere to be the best of the best-though it is implied.

Does anyone use Agip? Does anyone know of any places that have TESTED Agip against the likes of Amsoil, Mobil 1, etc? I have a neighbor-friend that swears by Amsoil...and the whole extended mileage thing. I don't, under ANY circumstances, leave oil in my machines longer than its factory intended interval. I value my bike enough where i would change the oil every 2500 miles if i truly had to in order to keep it in top shape. I know this is ridiculous and unnecessary...since many oils barely begin to wake up at that mileage.

Point is. Agip. Anyone use it? Prefer it? NOT prefer it? Why? What did you migrate from to Agip, or to Agip from? Why? Results? I know this is a bit loaded, but i really have nobody to ask about this issue. Why not ask one of the best knowledge bases available, right? Thanks all.

P.S. I'm not particularly an aggressive rider, though i do like a quick 0-60 once in a while.- if this helps
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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