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Starting issues can be tricky. Does it still have the standard Mikuni carbs or FCR flat slides?

I just upgraded my battery cables with a kit from Desmo Times - they are about twice as thick as standard. It used to turn over as if it had hi comp pistons and now it really whizzes over. On a good day it will fire in about the first full rev. I have the FCR carbs and dyna coils (fitted both at the same time) and have just fitted Iridium plugs too. Using the standard type and size Yuasa battery.

Other things to look for are bad earth but if the starter motor does spin it may not be the problem. One other issue I had was a poor connection in one plug from the ignition sender unit to the black boxes. Engine was running on the horizontal cylinder only. All I did that day was to disconnect it and plug it back in and it hasn't been an issue since.

Still in the dark about the V2 on your heads as I have V1 on mine. Some change may have been made over the years and they used that to tell the difference is my guess.

Better chuck a welcome in there too.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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