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Need to get a good baseline for my bike as it feels 'odd' right now.
This will be my first time setting this particular one up, so I wanted to see what you guys recommend..

It has the Ohlins rear shock, stock forks. I realize Ducati's are factory set for 140-165LB riders, but what settings do you think I should start off at?

I'm 6', and with my gear on weigh ~180LB


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i am 185lbs with gear 6ft 1 nearly

996 sps ..epic suspension set for my track days (novice i am)

ohlins front and rear (std)

Top Out 494
Static 485
riders 460
static sag 9
riders sag 34
r/bound rear 17
L/comp rear 12


fork travel 105
r/bound 12
pre-load 10
l/comp 10

as i am a rider not a mech ..i have no idea what TOP OUT IS? , sorry hope this helps??
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