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I just came back from picking up some tools made for working on Ducati's at a shop a couple miles away from me. My tires will have to be changed down at the Gap because of poor planning on my part and my desire to keep people I like in business. To minimize the likelyhood of problems I wanted to bring my own Ducati specific tools, just in case.

MBS Manufacturing is the company. They sell on Ebay and have their own site. You can probably get a better deal if you buy direct and a few tools.

You can do a search on the net and find them.

You local guys can just run up to the shop as I did. Just give them a call ahead of time.

I am not affiliated with these guys in anyway, as anyone that read what I started on my Ducati last fall would know. I was trying to find where to get tools and which ones I can make myself.

Now that my project is done I found a local shop that was making them.

I picked up the combination socket for my rear wheel, the front spindle alignment tool, and the triple clamp nut tool (My homemade tool worked but isn't rigid enough, though it works as a wrench.)

I just wanted to pass along potentially useful info and that I had a good experience with the seller.

I hope you're riding.

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