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Pinch bolts

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I was looking at doing a little chain tightning and started with trying to loosen the pinch bolts on the rear of the swingarm. These things won't budge. are they on that tight? is there a "trick" or should I just give a little(lot) more umph.
BTW, my chain is around 36mm slack.
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More "umph" remember "counterclockwise" :rolleyes: Aloha Alex
Mine were so tight I broke a 3/8 extension. :mad:
31nm. Torque setting ?? 36 mm. slack thats not too slack is it .Supposed to put some grease on it too.Maybe it was put together dry??? My chain seemes to have about 40 mm slack and holding there for quite some time ,,I need to beat it some more I guess
I also broke an extention before getting them loose. The slack, as little as it seemed was noticed in low speed at low rpm's where it felt like I was getting to weird of a lurching when I accelerated, plus it just bugged me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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