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Philip Island Results from Superbike Planet

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And YES, this is correct. Who said Ducati wouldn't do well?
But the ? is still what would Rossi have done?

1Sete GibernauDucati Marlboro TeamDucati Desmosedici GP-61:29.97
2Loris CapirossiDucati Marlboro TeamDucati Desmosedici GP-61:30.22
3Marco MelandriFortuna HondaHonda RC211V1:30.55
4Shinya NakanoKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki Ninja ZX-RR1:30.65
5Nicky HaydenRepsol Honda TeamHonda RC211V1:30.91
6Dani PedrosaRepsol Honda TeamHonda RC211V1:31.08
7Casey StonerHonda LCRHonda RC211V1:31.24
8Kenny Roberts Jnr.Team RobertsKR211V1:31.66
9Randy De PunietKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki Ninja ZX-RR1:31.76
10Makoto TamadaKonica Minolta HondaHonda RC211V 1:31.87
11Toni EliasFortuna HondaHonda RC211V1:32.14
12Alex HofmannTeam D'Antin PramacDucati Desmosedici GP-51:32.52
13Jose Luis CardosoTeam D'Antin PramacDucati Desmosedici GP-51:33.09
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When they start handing out practice and test world championship, Sete will be at the top. :D Right now they only give them out after races, so I'll wait to see how Sete does under real pressure. Still all the best to him, Loris and the whole Ducati team they are going the right direction.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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