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Performance question?

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My 2012 S Touring has just under 4K miles now, from the day I got it it sometimes feels like its not performing to its max. When it was new I assumed the ECM was holding it back for break in proposes as the throttle felt disconnected at a certain point.
It was checked for error codes at the 600 mile service and has never thrown a code, some days or run ups it simply amazes with the front wheel hovering off the ground and accelerates like a scalded cat others not so much. Anyone else experience anything like this?
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i have notices similar but mine its not related to warm up since i never ride mine until the temp is off "lo". For me i think its quality of fuel thing. If i get gas at any place other than mobil or shell it runs like crapola, I generally put mobil in it and it runs well all the time. If i get gas at say my friends gulf station it will run like a bucket of bolts until i run that tank out and refill with mobil. I have played with this quite a but and it seems consistent depending on where i fuel.
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