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So many opinions of the autotune and the bazazz equivalent, unfortunately/fortunately I have not tried either and haven't been forced to. 1. 2008 will take the PCV, dyno jet website is archaic. 2. Open loop via a flash or dp ecu is required, that much I know. 3. Read considerably that it works best if there is a dyno'd map already set for its baseline. Something about adjusting around a known point rather than an arbitrary one. The maps that you can download or have flashed being arbitrary in this example because the data used to make them has been gathered from bikes that are similar to yours, but not exact. This makes sense to me, and I think would be the best case scenario. Say you wanted to travel or you lived where there is significant variation in altitude, something like that.. The autotune should be able to adjust for this and keep close to the best map set in it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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