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PCIII or not for my 1098?

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I have an 08 1098 with yoshi slip ons that came with a disconnected PCIII. The previous owner said he didn't like it when he had it on so he removed it. It has just been sitting there collecting dust and I have been wondering if there would be any benefits to reinstalling it. I don't do any track days but I do consider myself to be a pretty aggressive rider. I have been considering hitting the track for a long time though. Would there be any real benefit to installing it as of now?
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It'll run better. More power, smooth out the power. BUT you can't just slap it on and be done. Take it to a dealer that has a good track record with dyno tuning with a PCIII and have them install/map it.

Or else you will just do like the previous owner and remove it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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