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PCIII Installation

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Looking for some help with the installation of the PCIII on an '04 ST4S abs: As most of you are aware, the unit that they sell for the ST actually says it's for a Monster on the box, so the installation instructions and pics are obviously for a Monster. Questions:
The two plugs from the PC unit for each injector, does it matter which one goes for the front or rear cylinder? I noticed that one has a yellow wire and the other has an orange? Also, it says to look under the throttle bodies and find the throttle position sensor. The only place I see anything that looks similar to the TPS plug from the PC unit is zip tied to the frame just behind the battery area. IS this the throttle position sensor? I don't have a full manual yet so any help would be greatly apreciated.
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That's where I bought it and I did contact them yesterday, seems they have a new set of directions for the ST4S that they failed to include. Got it hooked up last night and working fine. Test ride scheduled for this afternoon!!

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