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Questions and options

First up i would check that the spark plugs are the right ones for the bike and that the air filter is clean. A dirty filter will let in less air and the ECU is not smart enough to know that!

Opening the airbox lid big time will lean up the air fuel ratio a bit, due to less restricted air flow. The ECU does not measure this, so will not/cannot correct for better air flow.

You can add a potentiometer (variable resistor) in parallel (across) the air temp sensor wires/connector to fool the ECU into "thinking" the air temp is higher than it really is and it will then supply less fuel. I would need to know the sort of air temps you normally see where you live. This is a bit of a bodge/patch job but will work. Unfortunately this correction will only suit a narrow range of temps once you select a potentiometer position. It will also be trial and error after "reading" your plugs, unless you install an oxygen sensor in the exhaust.

I would look for the cause before looking for a solution personally.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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