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PCIII??? 04 800ss quickly fouling plugs

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I've got a 04 800ss that is running a 04 800 s2r ecu. (salvage bike, needed the entire ecu, key set, and dash). Love the bike, problem is it is running rich. Fouling plugs after about 200 miles. Dealer tells me they use different ECU and says it can't be adjusted to lean it out. 3 different Ducati mechanics have told me it can be adjusted by dealer but my local has given me two different stories. One time on the phone saying it can be done the other time in person saying they had different ECU. I plan on adding a K&N filter but for now I want to keep stock pipes. If I add a PC3 will I be able to adjust the air/fuel mixture to make it run better? Eventually will be adding pipes just can't afford it right now. I don't care about adding performance I just want to lean out the mixture a bit to smooth things out so I can ride without having to change plugs all the time. Thanks for any help!
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Questions and options

First up i would check that the spark plugs are the right ones for the bike and that the air filter is clean. A dirty filter will let in less air and the ECU is not smart enough to know that!

Opening the airbox lid big time will lean up the air fuel ratio a bit, due to less restricted air flow. The ECU does not measure this, so will not/cannot correct for better air flow.

You can add a potentiometer (variable resistor) in parallel (across) the air temp sensor wires/connector to fool the ECU into "thinking" the air temp is higher than it really is and it will then supply less fuel. I would need to know the sort of air temps you normally see where you live. This is a bit of a bodge/patch job but will work. Unfortunately this correction will only suit a narrow range of temps once you select a potentiometer position. It will also be trial and error after "reading" your plugs, unless you install an oxygen sensor in the exhaust.

I would look for the cause before looking for a solution personally.
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