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Paso Mirrors - Ever wonder what’s inside?

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On a short ride yesterday I noticed the LH mirror had a lot of movement so today I decided to tackle the issue.
As I am new to the Paso line I’m learning bits and pieces and I’ll post up what I learn. I dug into the loose mirror situation and have some pictures from my work to help the next person with some insight.

To get to the screw that holds the mirror in place the turn signal lens gets removed and the bulb holder is loosened and moved out of the way.
Now you can see the single Phillips head screw just below the post for the bulb holder. This screw backing out was the root of my problem.
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Might as well take a look at the rest of the bits.
As this screw gets loosened the mirror holder will start the walk out of its recess, keep a hand or rag over the mirror side so it doesn’t drop to the floor and go all Humpty Dumpty on you.
Now you see what the mirror holder looks like, and the ball & socket. Mine was reluctant to move at all. Some thin lubricant and gradually working the ball post got it free. Thread the mounting screw back in if you grab the post with pliers. The ball/post is die cast metal and as tight as I had to grip it, I feared cracking it or deforming it so I reinserted the screw.
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While I was at it, I figured I might as well take a look at the other side. Well, I didn’t expect that.
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The ball is still snug and the holder has a good grip on the ball, even with that crack. Actually I prefer this grip level over the LH one. This RH one has enough resistance to stay in position, yet to move the mirror doesn’t require excessive force. The LH one, I have to press on it so hard it feels like something is going to break to get to move.
I have them both adjusted to my liking, so they should not have to be disturbed.
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Here’s another angle; nah, not for a screw. I think it is from the manufacturing process for that part, it is sort of an inner panel of the mirror housing. There’s no hole thru it, nor is there anything on the opposite side to receive a screw. Much the same as the doughnut like blob on the right in this pic.

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