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Parts, mods, etc.

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I think a comprehensive list of parts (oem)(mods) is in order. (Both from sellers and product review). If we make a nice collection we can just refer everyone to this thread and won't have to see the same questions over and over. Por lo general, Fast by Ferracci, Nichol's, D&D, FIM, PCIII, etc. etc. Then down the line I'll collect all the recources and reviews and post threads for each topic, comprehensive ones.

then again, scrap the concept and let us encumber ourself a shot more.
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I think it's a good Idea maybe once it gets going it could be stickied if it gets big enough. It would be helpful for noobs or people who just aren't sure what to do next.
I haven't done much yet but I'll start
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I saw it on another forum that im apart of they have a list for every different type of upgrade and also listed what websites you can find them at. I think it would be really helpful considering i dont know what places to look for 749 parts.

Heres a brief sample of how they had it

WINDSCREENS- motowheels.com, etc.

CLUTCH COVERS- Motowheels.com, cyclecat.com

SUSPENSION- section8superbike.com, motowheels.com, hardracing.com

etc, etc, etc

I think they should do something like that for every generation of ducati and make it a sticky in the respectful area for that bike
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