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As per Colin. No, it's not right. Twin FO5s with a 12mm master make a perfectly effective stopping combination - I know, I have them on my Vento, and they'd throw me over the top if I jammed them on hard enough.

Given the work you've done, long lever travel is pointing a very big finger at still having air in the system. Small amounts can get trapped in the most irritating places, and you will get as many opinions as you like on how to release it. The main thing to remember is that the air will always try to rise up thru the column of brake fluid. So make sure you have no high spots or knarley junctions where it's getting trapped.

It's normally easiest to bleed thru the m/c - don't forget the old trick of turning the bars to the left, pulling in the lever and strapping it in that position with a bungee or similar and leaving it like that overnight. And also try tapping all the joints with something metallic - can help get any trapped air moving

In extremis, take the whole installation of lines and calipers off - and suspend the whole lot from somewhere up high in as a straight a column as you can manage. And then bleed thru the calipers.

One further thought: a new 12mm m/c, you say? You sure its seals are still ok?
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