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Still needs a life.
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I never used pannier liners, but developed the following packing system.

The left pannier contained things like clothing, etc. that I would need overnight. I would take it into the motel room with me. With careful packing and use of the new travel clothing made of of thin, quick dry material, you can get 2-3 days of clothing in a pannier if you wash and dry your underwear in a sink (or while you are showering) every night. Roll the wet clothing up in a dry towel and squeeze hard to speed up drying.

The right pannier stayed on the bike as it contained things like rain gear, tools, tire pump, chain lube, first aid kit, etc. that I would hopefully not need in the motel room.

The rear trunk contained things I might need to easily access on the road, such as my camera, gloves, sunglasses, water, etc. It stayed on the bike overnight as well although I might bring some items, such as valuables like my camera, inside for the night.

The fairing under the seat can also be used to store items: both sides for non-ABS models and just the left side for ABS models. At one time someone made a liner for that, but it has not been available for quite a while.

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Great information Bill,

A few years ago at a BMW National we were walking to diner and watched in disbeleif as a K1600GTL rider was carring BOTH saddlebags up the stairs banging them on the rails. CRAZY! :eek:

My semiars this year at all the events will be on Rider/Passenger, luggage packing, what to take, what to leave .
The second one will be on communications as we offer and support SENA products
Kathy started riding with me last week and we found the SENA audio Multitasking was not working when riding two for some reason. (work fine on our solo bike rides)
So we adjusted the setting and bingo works fine.
Stay tuned to the RKA vendor area for a whole series on Luggage, Two Up, and communications.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts