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I'm not the last expert however there are basically 2 versions the 1199R

The 2013 - 2014 versions were effectively uprated S models with titanium conrods, meaning they were also fitted with electronic suspension and the LED headlights. Power was rated at 195hp and dry weight 164kg.

When Ducati released the 1299 in 2015, the 1199R was renamed the Panigale R. To keep it competitive with the new 205hp 1299 models, the 1199R needed an upgrade, so a few of the parts and ideas from the 1199SL (Superlegerra) were fitted to the Panigale R, in the transition, the Panigale R lost the electronic suspension and LED headlights and gained the LiON battery, two ring pistons, a unique 5mm longer wheelbase as well as other motor upgrades lifting the power to 205hp. Additionally to keep the acceleration within range of the 1299, the rear sprocket also gained a couple of teeth. Dry weight also dropped to 162kg.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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