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I believe that I recall seeing a post on this in the Streetfighter forum but I cannot find it now or the resolution (if any) for the problem...

On my SFs where the rear cowl (in place of the passenger seat) meets the tail section the paint has warn away at the very end by the tail light and in one or two places on each side. I noticed it after riding it home from the dealer on Friday after my 600mi service. Has anybody had this problem and if so, how did you remedy it? An easy fix would be to disassemble the cowl and machine the notch on the pin that latches the cover on a 1/16th or so to allow it to catch before the cowl bottoms out against the tail section. The spring loaded support on each side of the pin would keep things stable at the new seat height.

I checked the SFs at my dealer and there was a fair amount of clearance so it seems to be a production variance.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

I have lost paint & my dealer is replacing it for gratis
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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