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Oversized Hypermotard fuel tank kit

Oversized fuel tank specifications:
* Usable capacity: 6.4 US gallons (22.2 liters), allowing for more than 200 miles between fueling stations.
* Lifetime replacement warranty (limited to the tank itself), including damage resulting from improper installation.
* Manufactured in black for the best appearance on both red and black motorcycles.
* Made with PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), considered by the plastics industry the choice material for rotationally molded fuel cells.
* The HM69 tank is 25% thicker than the OEM fuel cell for increased strength.
* The HM69 tank's polyethylene is uniformly compounded to ensure consistent cross-linking (best of industry practice).
* Each tank has a unique serial number.
* Meets NHSTA and DOT rules covering filling rates as the HM69 fuel tank uses the OEM Ducati components for these functions.
* All parts are Made in USA by manufacturers in Southern California, eliminating availability problems.

Fuel tank kit includes:
* HM fuel cell
* Pair of ISO 5011 certified, pod-type, cotton air filters* New, longer starter cable
* Longer screws and spacers for mounting rear coil to the tank
* Additional replacement hardware
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