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Overnight motorcycle camping trip anyone?

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Since we had such a fantastic time on the Bridgeport ride, I was thinking that before the weather really turns south, maybe some of you would be interested in an overnight camping trip? I did my first one earlier this summer and except for my POS tent, it was great. I like the idea because its cheap too. The two guys we hooked up with in Bridgeport camped at the kind of ideal place because it had grass and nice showers for only $15 a night.

Maybe somewhere on the coast so we can make a run down Skaggs Rd and Stewarts Point and maybe head home where the Russian River dumps into the sea to Santa Rosa, Berryessa and then home. Leave Saturday morning, better yet if you can leave Friday morning and be back by Saturday afternoon.

Anyone interested in exploring this idea? Since I have three pieces of luggage I can help haul some extra stuff if your on a superbike. Tankbags are great and they have soft luggage for them as well.
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Depending on the weather, Jess and I could probably do something if it's nice at the end of the month.
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