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Yesterday was the first warm day in a while so I decided to take the bike (GT1000) out for a shake down cruise. I lived in Phoenix AZ for thirty years so I’m used to year round riding. I’m not used to having my bike sit dormant for months at a time.
After about 5 miles of riding the gearbox became a pain in the ass. I was able to get home with only 2nd and 3rd gear available.
This morning I checked the chain adjustment and drained and replaced the clutch fluid. Magic! Shifting was smooth, neutral was where it was supposed to be, and I had a nice ride on some back roads here in Massachusetts.
All it took to fix my problem as a few minutes on the forum using the search engine to see what others had done and about $1 worth of Dot 4 brake fluid.
My point is that most questions I have were already asked and answered on the forum. A few minutes of researching what others had done solved the problem.
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