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not mine but keep your eyes open in california please, terry is a good guy

from: Terry Newby
[email protected]

Last weekend, a Dunlop Tire Trailer was stolen from
Sport Tire Services in Paso Robles. It was the small
20' Wells Cargo with Dunlop on all sides and Sport
Tires name on it. License # 1HL9151. I only used it
for track days and extra storage so no catastrophic
loss, and it had about 350 scrap tires in it, all cut
and ready for the recycler. Any info leading to the
recovery will be rewarded with a generous tire gift,
so keep your eyes open. Call Terry at 800-776-8473
after you call police. We found Joe M's truck, maybe
we will get lucky again. Thanks!

---this is not the trailer, but it is painted similar----
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